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AutoMate is an advanced sensor system that leverages our artificial intelligence to provide situational awareness and decision support for commercial ships. AutoMate is designed as a turnkey aftermarket retrofit solution for commercial vessel operators who want to increase safety, optimize cargo loading and free up crews to focus on more critical tasks.

  • AutoMate serves as an automated lookout, bringing a greater level of safety and reliability to a tedious and monotonous task. This allows deck officers to focus on other priorities on the bridge.

  • AutoMate assists with docking and navigation in tight quarters by providing precise distances to surrounding objects using a laser generated realtime map. This increases safety and frees up the crew that often has to stand in blindspots and call distances to the bridge using radios.

  • AutoMate provides a highly accurate laser generated draft measurement. This allows bulk operators to optimize cargo loading, and monitor vessel dynamics even when the vessel is underway. 

  • AutoMate can be installed by our team on existing vessels as they are operating with minimum disruption to trip scheduling. This allows operators to avoid any opportunity costs during the retrofit.


Here's an interesting profile article on AutoMate.

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