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Buffalo Automation is an autonomous navigation technology startup that provides embedded software systems for commercial vessels, recreational boats, ferries, and ports to improve safety and enable autonomous operations.

Our AutoMate product is used in:

Ships: An advanced sensor system that uses our AI to provide situational awareness and decision support. AutoMate is an automated lookout that assists with docking and provides a highly accurate real-time draft measurement. AutoMate is a turnkey aftermarket retrofit solution for commercial vessel operators who want to increase safety, optimize cargo loading, and free up crews to focus on more critical tasks.

Boats: A compact version of AutoMate for smaller vessels to provide automated collision avoidance in addition to traditional autopilot functionality, such as waypoint following. AutoMate is designed as a modular OEM solution for boat and marine engine manufacturers who want to provide their customers with state-of-the-art navigation and safety technology, including innovations like wakeboarder tracking.

Drones: An add-on option, we offer AutoMate with teleoperation and remote monitoring capabilities, which work with either an onboard mobile control station, an onshore remote console, or both.

Ferries: Autonomous electric ferries are solar-powered and equipped with the most advanced AutoMate version, enabling fully autonomous and unmanned operation. This is designed as an accessible and sustainable vessel for use as an urban water taxi or as a bareboat charter rental vessel, allowing those unable to afford or operate a boat to enjoy our waters with AutoMate.

USVs: Modular Uncrewed Surface Vessels that can be assembled, customized, dismantled, and then rebuilt on demand at the deployment site, offering a more practical, storable, repairable, and versatile option for survey, patrol, reconnaissance, amphibious assault, and mine countermeasures with AutoMate.

Buffalo Automation prides itself on a culture of innovation reinforced by using the Pareto principle to explore out-of-the-box use cases for our core technology. The following are some initiatives that we use 20% of our time to experiment and learn from:


Mayday: Mobile app that hosts an offline version of our image recognition AI for the public to experiment with.

Raven: Project to see how our technology applies to automotive and vice versa. 

BiFrost: Project to see how our thermal analytics technologies can help fight pandemics.  

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